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Useful tips for preparing your holiday in Indonesia. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info.



Please contact your family doctor. Vaccine suggestions often change; we hereby decline any responsibility with this information.

  • No mandatory vaccinations required for Indonesia.
  • Recommendations:

Necessary prevention:

  • Typhoid fever
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Tetanus –diphtheria – Pertussis

Necessary prevention in certain circumstances:

  • Yellow fever
  • Malaria

Unnecessary prevention:

  • Meningitis

You are free to take the decision yourself.


Visa and arrival taxes:

For most nationalities, it’s possible to purchase a visa on arrival, valid for one month, extendable for a second month. Today (2014) this tax is 25US$. Please verify that your passport is valid for more then 6 months after your departure date of Indonesia and make sure your passport is applicable for this system. For certain nationalities, a visa is required before entering Indonesia. All passports must be valid for more then 6 months, after arrival in Indonesia. In all airports in Indonesia, you’ll have to pay departure taxes. Local flights are usually taxed 20 – 50 000 IDR (2US$ – 6 US$) and international flights around 150 000 IDR (17US$).


Passport & formalities

A valid passport is mandatory in Indonesia. The expiry date must be at least 6 months after your departure date of Indonesia.


Excess baggage for local flights 

The authorized weight of baggage is between 15 and 20 kilos for local flights. The luggage that are in excess, will be charges between 1 and 3$ a kilo extra. An honest price, gather your patience though.