Paula, Sweden


I did my Advanced Open Water and EFR course with Julie on Gili Air in July 2012. She has a lot of positive energy and is very friendly and good with people. Her knowledge and passion for diving, the ocean and travel shines through. I felt safe and had a very good and memorable time with her. I definitely want to recommend Julie! 



Vladimir, Belgium

Group Travel: Raja Ampat Scuba Cruise

Wonderful holidays while diving in a still unexplored paradise on earth, or better paradise on the ocean. What a superb astonishing place ! And diving was just topping it ! Thanks Julie and Alex for a great experience !




Marta, Spain

I’m traveling around the world and when I arrived to Indonesia I asked Julie Thonnard from #GiliTravelAgency if she knew where to stay and to dive. The answer was amazing. In a second I got the best diving spots in Bali and with all the updated prices and information that i needed! I did not expect that! It was the best info ever! Really amazing!! For the first time I had all the trip-job done in a sec!! No more looking for best spots and prices or investigating what and where should I go! I really got surprised as all what I needed to organize my next-days-trip was done in a sec! It was sooo great! In a while I got the best spots I could ever get!!! She has been living there and knows everything! Tulamben was amazing and I got the cheapest and cool diving ever! Thanksss!!!

As the experience was great in Indonesia, when I arrived to Australia, I asked her if she had been there and if she knows something cool and cheap… She knows everything in every f corner of this world!! She solved my trip also in Australia, giving me the best information and prices about diving and hosting. Again, I had my trip there organized in a second and with the security that It would be the right place! And it was!! Thank you Julie for your beyond amazing help, I really get shocked every time I contact you because I really get the exactly info, dates and prices I need. You know everything!!! I have never had such a travel service before!! You are exactly what all the travelers need!!! Beyond fabulous. Graciaaaasss!!