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Gili Travel Agency is proud to support DAN Asia- Pacific (DAN AP), also known as the Diver Alert Network ( DAN), the largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. Serving scuba divers for more than 30 years, DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information, education, and more. Whether you are a new diver or a veteran, DAN is here for you.
The emergency hotlines are available 24- hours, 7- days a week, and help scuba divers in need.

Diving emergencies

As divers, we hope to never find ourselves in need of medical assistance after a diving accident. Unfortunate.t, statistics highlight that accidents do happen, to beginners and experienced divers, so its important to have a plan of action, that will prepare us for the unexpected.
DAN’s number is available to all divers throughoit the world.
+61-8-8212 9242

Learn more about DAN, or become a member, on www.danasiapacific.org.

Safe diving tips

Lets face it, we are not meant to be breathing underwater.
As soon as we realise that, we’ll approach our diving with an extra layer of caution.
I see diving as one of the most important lessons of life:
“Always remain in control of yourself.”
The most accidents happen, due to a divers error.
Our first instinct will always be, to swim to the surface, to safety.
The truth is, thats the easiest way to get hurt.
Trust your training, stop, think and then act.
It is very important to keep training.
We rely totally on our equipment while diving.
If we admit that we are voluntarily entering an alien environment and accept this premise, we are most likely going to approach our diving with a sensible degree of caution.

Diving medical questions

If you have any concerns about the effect of diving, or have any diving medical related questions, follow the link below to find all the answers.


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